Entrevista exclusiva com Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi nasceu a 4 de Junho de 1975 em Staten Island, Nova Iorque. Estudou na Universidade SUNY Albany entre 1994 e 1998 e depois de concluir os estudos fez alguns anúncios publicitários em televisão para as marcas McDonald's, Nissan e Bud Light.

A estreia como actor ocorreu em 2001, com a participação no filme independente The Myersons e logo de seguida começaram a surgir os primeiros papéis em televisão.

Theo Rossi tem um impressionante currículo como actor em séries de tv. Boston Public, Malcolm in the Middle, NYPD Blue, American Dreams, Veronica Mars, Without a Trace, Lost, Heist, The Unit, Jericho, Bones, Shark, Las Vegas, Grey's Anatomy, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, CSI: Miami e Lie to Me são algumas das series onde participou.

De referir ainda que o Theo Rossi entrou em filmes como Code Breakers (2005), House of the Dead 2 (2005), Cloverfield (2008), The Informers (2008), Kill Theory (2009) ou Red Sands (2009). Actualmente encontra-se a filmar Fencewalker, o novo filme de Chris Carter.

Mas é no papel de Jean Carlos 'Juice' Ortiz em "Sons of Anarchy" que Theo Rossi ganhou mais notoriedade e reconhecimento do público. A série, cuja 3ª temporada está a terminar nos EUA, já foi renovada para uma 4ª temporada, como aqui demos conta, e é actualmente exibida no canal FX português.

Esta entrevista ao Theo, obtida através de email, vai ser agora publicada em inglês. Tentaremos ser breves na tradução para português. Até lá, e para os que têm mais dificuldades em perceber a língua inglesa, podem utilizar o Tradutor do Google como possível ferramenta de ajuda.

Resta-nos agradecer ao Theo a simpatia e a disponibilidade que demonstrou para responder às nossas questões. Agora, vamos ao que interessa:

1 - What have waked you for an actor career?
Theo Rossi: It was really something that just happened. Long story, but just fell into it.

2 - If you have the power to choose, which role do you prefer to play: the “good boy” or the “bad guy”?
TR: I try not to look at a character as 'bad' or 'good', just whatever the character is going through at that particular time when we get to peek into his life.

3 - You have been a guest star in some famous Tv Shows but not very regular. How do you feel about being part of Sons of Anarchy main cast? Can you talk a little about the experience?
TR: I get to work with the greatest actors working today on a daily basis. It's a dream job in many ways from the writing to the world we get to explore each week.

4 - And what was your favorite moment of both seasons? Or do you have a favorite moment for each SoA season?
TR: My favorite moments are the times when the guys are all together and we are just hanging and showing the relationship that club members have. The brotherhood behind all the madness that ensues for them.

5 - In every Tv Show we always have a favorite character. In SoA which one is yours and why? No, sorry, let’s play fair, you cannot say Juice :)
TR: I really like Tara's character because of the struggle she goes through on a day to day basis. She is fully immersed in both worlds at all times, and seeing that struggle is very compelling. With that in mind, I would also include Unser's character as well.

6 - How was the process of being in the MC’s world? Did you already knew the rules and how to behave in that world or did you have to get familiar with that?
TR: I just did as much research as I could on what I could find, and used an undying loyalty and brotherhood as my backbone.

7 - Usually MC’s are associated with violence and to the “unscrupulous and ugly gangsters”. In SoA we can see very handsome men dedicated to their wife’s and in somehow emotional dependent of their families. Do you think that SoA changed the standard idea people had about MC’s?
TR: At the end of the day all club members are just a group of guys who love riding and love the sense of brotherhood. Hopefully that is portrayed to the audience through the brilliant writing and acting on the show.

8 - Everything shows that Kurt Sutter always knew the road that the series and the cast would follow. In the producing process and on episodes directing does he hear actors opinion?
TR: Everything you see is what is written. Kurt knows exactly where each character is going at every moment. Trusting in that makes it much easier to make your choices as an actor in the SOA world.

9 - Juice is the club's hacker and intelligence officer. Did you carried out some inquiry for your character?
TR: I'm probably even more of a computer geek than Juice is. I love technology and I'm fascinated by it everyday. For awhile I tried to fight against it, but it is happening whether we choose to be part of it or not.

10 - Talking about your work outside SoA, can you tell us how you felt when you shape your hair to support the children with cancer? (artigo relacionado aqui)
TR: I try to get involved and support as many charities and causes as I can. I'm so grateful to be in a position where people even care if I get involved in stuff like that. Being of service is something that I try to base my life on.

11 - And how was the visit to American troops in Persian Gulf (USO/Armed Forces Entertainment Tour) along with Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior and Dayton Callie? How was the experience? (artigo relacionado aqui)
TR: A life changing experience that could not have been done with a better group of guys. It was an honor to be around the men and women we met, and get a glimpse into their lives.

12 - Do you have plans or wishes about your career?
TR: Just to do good work, and work with good people on passionate projects.

13 - Have you ever thought about being part of a movie or TV Show produced and realized outside USA, maybe Europe, let’s say as an example?
TR: If the opportunity arises and it's the right gig. Why not?

14 - You have an Italian surname: Rossi. Are you an Italian descendant?
TR: I am part Italian among many others.

15 - Have you ever been in Europe? Would you like to visit Portugal one day?
TR: I have traveled and worked throughout much of Europe. I have not been to Portugal yet, but it's definitely on my list of places to visit.

16 - You are a regular Facebook user and you have a website. How much is important for you to keep in touch with your fans?
TR: I can't thank my fans enough, because without them I wouldn't be where I am today. I try to respond and keep them in the know as much as possible.

17 - Would you like to leave a message to the Sons of Anarchy Portuguese fans?
TR: Thank you so much for watching, and I am so glad you like the show because we love making it.

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