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Kenneth "Kenny" Johnson nasceu a 13 de Julho de 1963 em New Haven, Connecticut. Ficou famoso como actor ao interpretar o Detective Curtis Lemansky na fantástica série dramática The Shield. O seu passado está ligado ao mundo do wrestling e hoje continua a lutar por diversão. É também famoso por assumir publicamente a sua dislexia. 
Em Sons of Anarchy, Kenny interpreta Kozik, personagem que surge na Season 02 e com quem Tig tem um atrito pessoal. Ao longo dos vários episódios de Sons of Anarchy e até esta última Season04, Kozik nunca passou de uma pequena personagem secundária para desalento dos fãs de Kenny Johnson que saudosos de Lem de The Shield gostariam de ver o actor a ganhar maior protagonismo.

Esta entrevista a Kenny Johnson, obtida através de email, vai ser agora publicada em inglês. Tentaremos ser breves na tradução para português. Até lá, e para os que têm mais dificuldades em perceber a língua inglesa, podem utilizar o Tradutor do Google como possível ferramenta de ajuda

01. Did you always want to be an actor? Do you still get nervous when you walk onto a new set?
I do get nervous coming onto new set, for sure.  SOA took me 9 days to feel right at home partially cause thart world was so foreign to me and felt soo real. 

02. Sometimes you act as the bad boy, tough guy but as seen on the TVShow “The Shield” and in SoA, the viewers can see you as someone very sensible. Do you put your “inner you” to the role you are acting or is just something you can’t avoid? 
I like to put as much of my real self into characters. I believe we all have dark and light  And I try to be the best at anything I do in life and try ways to build things up. 

03.  From all your characters you played during your life as an actor, and not counting with the one your doing for SoA, with which one do you identify more? Can you tell us what are yours main reasons for that identification. 
There's Lot of Kenny in Lemmonhead . Lot of Kenn... As close to me or me feeling what Kenny would really feel in each and every moment.....thats the closest. 

04. You are working in SoA with lots of people that worked with you in The Shield. What do you think about that? Because we, as viewers, see it like a family, is that the way you feel?
I was for sure a loner and these guys at FX and The Shield and SOA are like family  So its a bond you know will go to the end !!!
Its like a family for sure  SOA are brothers... We would , back  each other anywhere anytime  I hang out with Jax the most thus far. He lives a few blocks away !!!  We get crazy at times  

05.  It is known that Michael Chiklis and Walton Goggins  (Strike Team from "The Shield") practice a joke to a Michael neighbour. Do you and your colleagues from SoA have an identical story/prank  that you can tell us about?
Yes. And Plus Walton and I have major history 

06. Are there any traits that you share with Kozik, or is there a major difference between the two of you?
I ride Kozik rides  I am loyal kozik is loyal   I love to be a part of something thatt will bond and last a lifetime and be with your inner circle as does Kozik  I can kick ass in fighting as can Kozik except the way they made tiggy get a good piece of me .    Would never happen in real life, Kim Coates (Tig) too much of a canadian pussy cat  .... 

07.  What do you think about your role as  "Kozik" in this Season 4? Do you think that Kozik could have a major role? Are you satisfied?
Kozik went too soon. I feel  a lot left to explore but now thats beside the fact  And I'm not the creator, but thats that. I liked Kozik...Growing up 

08. Acting as Kozik in SoA world  which one of the others SoA members is your buddy... the one that you can trust life or simply your pet? 
I think I connect with Happy...Jax, Opie..Chibbs .......And perlmans character always had a soft spot for Kozik  .. 

09.  We, as viewers and outsiders, sometimes have the feeling that the season script is written in a hurry and on demand. It saw it happen with The Shield and also with SoA. Is it true, do you feel that as an actor or is just what we can feel it and the argument of all episodes of the season is already planned from the beginning?
I will find what creators are trying to say with their characters and try to be part of a whole and color it in a way that will make it even brighter. At least I try 

10.  Now joking with you... you have a problem of dyslexia and Kozik, as your "other you" should also have, do you think that Kozik had never read the manuscript of John Teller "The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way "? 
Yeah, I would have fucked the John Teller manuscript up for sure. 
I switch all the words and meanings around  It could have been the holy bible for all I know. I do struggle alot with reading, although its better...like pulling teeth and embarrassing ...  
Can't even read childrens books with out  messing it all up studdering mummbling saying words that dont exist ... But i still try ...Ive been to doctors who specialize years, actually 

11. You are a regular Facebook (link) and Twitter (link) user. How much is important for you to keep in touch with your fans?
I love people support and that we may make a difference somewhere is the most honorable feeling 

12.  In 2010 we saw you in the 12th episode of the TV show “NCIS: Los Angeles” as Tommy Boyd and you had the chance to work with the beautiful Portuguese actress Daniela Ruah (Special Agent Kensi Blye). What did you think of her?
Daniela, beautiful, awesome, so sweet  Got along excellent with her... the most i will say  although the two dudes were cool

13.  Destination: Portugal. Will it be possible one day? In vacations, maybe...
Portugal someday I hope  !!   PEACE PORTUGAL !!!!!

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